Bitcoin price can fluctuate big time! While I prefer to hold through the dips and hikes, if you’re about to buy it can be a good idea to start becoming aware of what the going rate for Bitcoin is.

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But here a few other good options:

1.) If you’re one for charts check out BitcoinTicker for “tick by tick, real time updates.”

2.) If you want a dose of crypto news with your Bitcoin price update, I’d recommend CoinDesk. If you see significant decreases or increases CoinDesk will more than likely have a good story on why they’re happening.

bitcoin price calculator from google

3.) One of the most convenient ways to find the USD to BTC conversion rate is just to ask google. Google provides a calculator right in your search results.

4.) Mobile Apps are also a great resource. I suggest searching the app store in your phone for ‘bitcoin price.’ You’ll find a number of good options.

5.) Finally we here at Coinocle provides a BTC / ETH / LTC ticker in nearly every screen of our apps. We’d love to keep your crypto calculations easily accessible at a glance.

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